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Answer seven questions correctly to go on to CASTELLANO'S SUDDEN-DEATH PLAY-OFF, where the rewards are non-existent and the penalties real, lasting, and excruciatingly painful. (A JavaScript-enabled browser and strong nerves are required.)

1. Who wrote the screenplay for CASINO?

Joseph Viterelli and Martin Scorcese
Chazz Palminteri and Martin Short
Nicholas Pileggi and Martin Scorcese
The Coen Brothers

2. What was the first Don Corleone's Christian name?


3. Name the director of Richard Castellano's first movie, WHACKING COWS.

Eddie Cantor
Eddie Barbini
Erich von Stroheim
Eddie Munster

4. Robert De Niro's directorial debut. Name the movie.

Midnight Run
A Bronx Tale
Analyze This
The King Of Comedy

5. In ON THE WATERFRONT, Marlon Brando tells Rod Steiger that he could have been what?

A tenor
A contralto
A conductor
A contender

6. Name De Niro's co-star in the 1984 film ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA:

Joanne Woodward
Tiger Woods
James Woods
Natalie Wood

7. Al Pacino portrayed a Cuban nosecandy merchant with the hots for his own sister in which movie?

Scent Of A Woman

8. In which movie did Pacino play a gay bank robber?

Reservoir Dogs
Dog Day Afternoon
Beethoven's Second

9. WHACKING COWS is set on the mean streets of which NYC neighborhood?


10. Richard Castellano's latest movie, ANALYZE THIS, opens when?

5 March
9 March
11 March
29 February