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Growing up on the mean streets of Brooklyn, NY, and raised in a large family with mob connections, Richard Castellano witnessed murders by the mob when he was still a child, and the pressure turned him into an alcoholic when he was still a young teenager. By 16, he was in reform school, and by the time he was 20, he was locked up in a penitentiary.

The turning point came when he met Maura Casey (later to executive-produce his first feature), who told him - much to his surprise and disbelief - that he had both the talent and the looks to carve out a career on the screen. After weeks and months of Maura's persuasion, however, he finally agreed to pose for some 8" x 10" publicity photos and found himself with an agent...

Before long he had a call from L.A.-based director and screenwriter Eddie Barbini and found himself heading the cast in his feature film debut: WHACKING COWS. Shot entirely on location on the streets of Brooklyn, this intense, gritty movie tells Richie's own real-life story, chronicling his terrifying struggle to liberate himself from his past.

Richie also cast the movie, and, along the way, his wife Jocelyne Castellano became involved in distributing the film on video. It has also been shown at various film festivals.

A short time afterwards, Richie auditioned for three or four minor parts on the upcoming Warner Bros. motion picture ANALYZE THIS - a comedy about a psychiatrist (Crystal) whose number one patient is an insecure mob boss (De Niro). But after seeing him perform, casting directors felt he was good enough to play the role of bodyguard Jimmy Boots opposite Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal - winning the fourth lead role against a great deal of distinguished competition.

Richie is also set to star in the soon-to-be-produced thriller FOUR DEADLY REASONS - story written by his son, Richie Castellano Jr; screenplay by Michael Bradburn.

ANALYZE THIS opens 5 March 1999.

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